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Have you Calculated the Price for SUCCESS?

Title: Have you Calculated the Price for SUCCESS?


Have you Calculated the Price for SUCCESS?
Success is not free. You have to invest in it to make it real-and you have to be mindful of how much you would like to invest. For most of us who are working our way towards happier, more bountiful and fulfilling lives, investment does not just involve financial resources. More importantly, you also have to invest your time, effort and abilities.
If you really want to achieve concrete, meaningful and measurable progress, you have to start managing your life like a business. Investing your time and energy is like investing your money. You can take the risk and lose it or you can take calculated risks and increase it. That's where we draw the demarcation line between plain gambling and the art and science of engaging in business.
Taking risks spells the difference between getting what you want and sitting on the sidelines. It is the distinction between maximizing your potential and stagnating in your performance. There are two ways of looking at activities that we do when investing in our success - the low payoff and the high payoff.
Low payoff activities are characterized by the following:
1. They are not related to your goals
2. They are easy or comfortable to do
3. There are no risks involved
4. They are routine or usual activities
5. Anyone can do them and doesn't need creativity
6. They are trivial and petty
High payoff activities, on the other hand have the following characteristics:
1. They are directly related to your goals
2. They might not be easy or pleasant to do
3. They tend to involve risks
4. They might be complicated
5. They can't be delegated and only you can do them
6. They are very important for you to accomplish

Stop for a moment and assess how you have been managing your choices in terms of where to "spend" your resources. Are they leaning towards High payoff or low payoff activities? Remember: high payoff activities are more difficult but more rewarding than low payoff activities. People with low ambition settle for the easier path while those who would like to make a difference in life constantly challenge themselves to do better. Success is a Choice and so is Failure-so what's your decision? At the end of the day, getting what you want largely depends on how badly you want it. If you want it bad enough, you will be capable of moving mountains if that's what it takes.

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