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Delivering Quality Telephone Customer Service

Date: September 09, 2019
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Venue: St. Giles Hotel, Makati

This Customer Service Training Program has been developed and customized to help employees

build better Customer Relationships through Tele-Customer Care. It aims to equip them with
guidelines and techniques that will help them handle all types of telephone transactions professionally
and enable them to provide excellent service.

1. To become more aware of the factors that affect the quality of any telephone transaction
2. To use these factors effectively to help them handle all types of calls professionally from start to finish
3. To master effective telephone call management procedures

I. The Essentials of an Excellent Telephone Transaction
A. The Right Attitudes
B. Voice Quality (Tone, Pitch, Volume, Pace)
C. Language Used (Professional and Can-Do)

II. Answering and Making Calls (Inbound and Outbound Calls)
A. The Anatomy of a Call 
    1. Opening a Call (Greeting)
    2. The Body Of a Call 
       - Questioning 
        - Listening
        - Addressing the Caller's Need/s
    3. Terminating/Closing the Call

B. Inbound and Outbound Call Guidelines
C. Answering Another Person's Phone
D. Leaving and Taking Messages
III. The Hold and Transfer Procedures
A. Putting a Call on Hold
    1. Reasons for Putting a Call on Hold
    2. Steps in "Putting a Call on Hold"

B. Transferring A Call
    1. Reasons for Transferring A Call
    2. The Two Types of Transfers - Cold and Warm Transfers
        - The Cold Transfer Process
        - The Warm Transfer Process
IV. Handling Annoying/Difficult Calls 
A. Identifying The Different Types of Annoying/Difficult Calls
    1. The Rude/Unreasonable Caller
    2. The Skeptical Caller
    3. The Inarticulate Caller

B. Dealing with the Different Types Effectively
V. Properly Managing the Customer's Concern 
A. Reading Between The Lines
B. Empathizing
C. Being Assertive

Rates and Terms of Conditions:

1. The Preferential Rate of P1, 699+VAT per participant, per seminar rate will be applied for reservations paid within the assigned due date (SYSTEM GENERATED).

2. The Regular Rate of P1, 999+VAT per participant, per seminar rate will be applied if payment is beyond the assigned due date and P2, 499+VAT per participant, per seminar will be applied for on-site payments. 

[ Seminar Fee includes snacks, materials and certificate of completion ]

Duration: Half-Day

Rate: P1,699

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